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I remember when I was getting close to graduating high school, so many people would tell me to enjoy it because I would miss it. Here I am, six years later, and I still don’t miss it.

This week is the first week back to school and I’m still just as glad this year as I was the year after I graduation that I don’t have to. Granted, I am taking college classes, but I don’t mind college at all and it’s so different. Growing up, I hated going back to school. I never minded the classes, work or the learning – I just hated school.

The only thing I loved about going back to school was back to school shopping. I have a weakness for office supplies so that was the only thing about it I looked forward to. I haven’t really had much of an excuse the past couple of years to buy a lot of those kinds of things. Even with college classes, I maybe needed a binder, folder, or a notebook and that was about it. Working in an office now, I’ve had a bit of an excuse to buy office supplies I wanted and that would be handy.

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