Hello there, I’m Catiebug!

I'm a web designer, office assistant, and an avid reader. I'm in the process of (slowly) planning for life and my wedding. I love Jesus, chocolate, going for walks, Netflix, computer games, Instagram and peach tea. I write about faith, love, and everyday life. Read more?


Reading is such a big part of my life; there is never a time where I’m not in the middle of a book. However, with as much as I love reading, I have so many times where I suffer from a reading slump. Currently, I’m suffering from a major one that’s been going on for about a month or two.

I’ve learned some tips and tricks over the past couple of years that have helped me to get out of one. Sometimes tricks that normally might work don’t always work for me so it’s something you just have to try and see what works for you.

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